About Us


Bubble tea which is also well-known as pearl milk tea, boba juice, boba milk tea or simply called Boba. Boba is originated form Taiwanese tea-based drink invented in Taichung, Taiwan in the 1980s. When it comes to bubble tea, not every locations uphold the origin recipe from Taiwan. However, our Volcano Café put our effort to maintain every aspect of the authentic taste from the origin.

Volcano Café is located China town in Las Vegas. We only provide the highest quality and the freshest ingredients. Various toppings, our own natural fruit puree, and fresh milk make our tea even healthier. You will experience the finest and most appetizing bubble tea in around. Besides bubble tea, we offer a variety of drinks, snacks, and ice creams. You can make your own cookie ice cream sandwiches and snow ices with fresh toppings. We have a special shaking machine to guarantee your tea concoction is evenly and perfectly shaken.

Our professional staff members try to exceed all your expectations. You will be warming welcomed by our staffs. We are always ready to provide the best service and to meet your needs. We are here to innovate and improve bubble teas in every cup! You will never be disappointed. Thank you! We will look forward to seeing you!